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Generic Electronics Volt Guard will help protect your home and office appliances

from voltage fluctuations. This 220/240 volts guard will let you get the best

from you appliances. When bad current enters into your appliance, it will damage

them and they won't function again. These appliances are very expensive, so it

is important they are well protected with this generic electronic volt guard. It

has a wait time of up to 30 seconds, this will help provide top notch protection

to your appliances. With a current rating of 5Amps, you will enjoy you're your

electronics and get great value for your money.

Generic Electronics Volt Guard has a fast response time, there is no way surge

and spike could get into your appliance. When lightning occurs around your home,

it is enough to damage your flat screen TV and other appliances. When you have

this guard installed in your home, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

It should be noted that lightning alone does not cause power surges, when there

is frequent power interruption that causes indiscriminate switching on and off;

this may have negative effect on electronics as well. This guard will draw up

all surges making sure it does not get to your appliances. This guard will

eliminate all the risk associated with irregular power supply.

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