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A blend of oils guaranteed to soften and nourish your manly beard with 25

natural oils and butters that will feed your face grow your facial hair.

That's why Beard Guyz was created! This complete line of natural beard care

products clean condition moisturize and help groom your beard while caring for

your skin. Each product was created using specific oils butters and extracts

that provide exceptional benefits for facial hair and skin. All Beard Guyz

products are made from nature's finest ingredients with many being organic and

were chosen for their ability to provide excellent benefits.

Beard Guyz products will never contain any harsh chemicals. The skin under your

beard is sensitive and can become dry or irritated. Beard Oil 25 contains a

blend of 25 natural and organic oils that have exceptional benefits for the skin

and hair. This quick-absorbing oil provides deep moisturizing of the skin as it

works to help soften and tame your beard.

* 25 natural and organic oils for the skin and hair.

* Works to soften and condition facial hair

* Moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness or irritation

* Helps train and manage the styling of the beard


After washing and towel drying your beard, apply several drops of Beard Oil 25

to your fingertips and massage into your beard. Work from the tips of the hair

to the skin. Repeat as needed.Thank you for shopping with Muna Cosmetics


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Beard Oil 25 - 60ml

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