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The seemingly endless variety of straight pins can be daunting, unless you break

each pin down into its five main components: head, point, thickness, length, and

metal content. Just figure out what your needs are in each of the five areas,

then seek out a pin with those qualities. This new 480 pieces assorted colours

ball head pearl straight sewing pins each 35mm long is suitable for holding the

pattern to the fabric, for holding the fabric together in preparation for

sewing, for keeping things in place for pressing, and so much more. The

multi-colored ends make them easy to spot within your craft project,

The traditional tomato pin cushion is a popular and reliable pin cushion. It is

used for storing needles and pins safely and in an organised way. It has a small

strawberry attached to it which has emery powder inside. This powder is abrasive

and allows the strawberry to be used to sharpen pins or needles and to clean off

any rust.


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Ball Head Pin & Cushion

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