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This Smart Cover is a great mobile phone accessory which will enable your

Infinix smartphone to retain its premium look for as long as possible. There is

a microfiber lining on the inside of the cover which not only protects the

screen of the phone but also keeps it clean. It has been specially designed for

the Infinix smartphone so it won't disrupt your awesome mobile experience. When

using this cover, you will still have access to all the ports on the Infinix

phone. Its camera lens will not be obstructed neither will the charging port or

headphone port. Infinix Cover will offer maximum protection against any fall as

well as ensure your Infinix stays scratch free. It has a very nice appearance

which is sure to add charm to the overall look of your phone.The Infinix is an

all-touch phone and all interactions happen on the screen hence the need to

properly protect the screen from any fall or drop. This cover is not just any

mobile accessory, it has been optimised to give you the best experience on your

Infinix smartphone. It has a gold colour and is made from highly durable

materials which ensure it stands the test of time. Great Value.


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